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sugar conspiracy?

i want something sugary! i just had my breakfast,which was mac and cheese. i have for years eaten breakfast as a regular meal. i eat breakfast foods when i want to also,but i just don't see the point in it having to be a certain time. also,mostly i started doing this because breakfast foods were pop tarts and donuts and other sugary things,and i need to eat some protein first thing or i'll be hungry all day. i eat sugary breakfast foods occasionally as desserts.

anyway,i'm too tired to get dressed and go out and get sugar right now,which is probably just as well. i'd like to go back to bed and listen to public radio,but they're doing pledge drives right now so there is only snippets of programming to listen to. maybe i can find a podcast or youtube vid to listen to if i bring my laptop into my bedroom. lately i've been listening to too many conspiracy theories by people who are scared and/or angry and it's obviously making them a 'little'? crazy. one reason i don't like most news programs is because they are sensationalist and low content,repeating the same things over and over. i like to watch pbs newshour because they go into depth with things,and are not just infotainment. you also get more actual information,oddly enough,from the comedy central news shows. sheesh. anyway,the conspiracy theories are just making me more depressed than usual,and i don't need that. i include myself when i say humans are crazy. i want to be more forgiving of myself and the rest of the human race though...just hating republicans or reptiles or whatever...does not feed my soul or make anything better.

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