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fear and sickness not in las vegas

don't worry,i'm told. you worry too much and it is bad for you.

well,the latest worry is that my sister's cat is having a tooth problem,my sister is ill with no income and has not yet gotten a diagnosis to even try to apply for ssi,and i live on ssdi and am currently supporting her. i consider cats people and astrid as family even if she wasn't basically a much needed therapy cat for my sister as well. and vets are expensive. and i have credit cards,but eventually i won't be able to pay the minimums. and a credit card is the only way to pay for such an expense. i'm long past feeling guilty that i will die with credit card debt,but i need to at least be paying on them,and that's hard on a small budget. same old problems,plus new ones. poor astrid was pretty miserable today,but tonight she did eat some baby food which my sis always keeps on hand in case she is having tummy issues. astrid seemed much perkier after that,but she still has inflammation near one of her teeth,so it will probably be to the vet next week,along with my sis having to make two long trips to the hospital to do a heart monitor test on tuesday and wednesday. fun times!

on the positive side,thank god for medicaid to pay for my sisters's med expenses and i'm pretty sure if it wasn't for obamacare,she wouldn't be covered,as i think our state used to only allow medicaid for children. so a sincere thanks,obama for that!

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