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shaking the tannenbaum

well,in an unexpected twist of probably not exactly fate,i dusted off my little christmas tree today. i actually was cleaning it with a damp cloth over the balcony and shaking it a bit too...being careful that no one was below me,when the tree fell out of the base. we're only one floor up and it's a plastic tree,so it only got slightly dented at the top,which can then be twisted back. so,i went outside to pick it up and came in and sara put the small set of colored lights...i love colored lights and get disappointed when i see mostly white lights on trees...and some ornaments we bought at the dollar store a couple of weeks ago. so now we are feeling more festive,which makes us both feel better. maybe i will post a photo later if sara takes one this evening.

sara also went to the library to pick up christmas movies and a bio on fidel castro i wanted. i watched a documentary called the fidel castro files recently and was fascinated with this intelligent man and wondering why he has done some of the things he did. in the doc,it was mentioned that when he needed economic help after the batista regime had looted the country basically,he asked for help from the usa,but it was not given. probably because batista was backed by the usa? oh,usa,you have done so many bad things. so then he went to kruschev who helped the country economically and of course then had a good launching pad for some nuclear missiles. that's just the basic i've gotten and i want to know more.

we've got a movie s. loved called 'noel' and the george c. scott version of the christmas carol. the christmas carol is one of my favorite christmas stories. the first one i ever saw was the mister magoo version.


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Dec. 12th, 2015 07:43 pm (UTC)
Glad your tree wasn't ruined! I love colored lights too. :)

Our government has done lots of really dumb, even many really evil, things. Alas.

Gerry loved the George C. Scott Christmas Carol. Scott was brilliant in the role, and the visitation scenes are very effective.
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